How not to get an Indian Visa

24 hours before we departed London Disco looked on the Indian Visa Website to double check we had the correct paper work to travel up to Scotland with and onto Spain and France for our final farewells in Europe and departure to Delhi. Only then did we realise that the e-TV which you apply for online is only for those people staying in India for 30 days and we intend to be there for 44!

Much rushing around later in the unusual 33° heat and we had acquired two sweaty Indian visa photos and an appointment at the High Commission. So far so fine. At 7am we departed the Marmidome, headed to the High Commission and left our very generous friends in charge of transporting our two rucksacks and two suitcases to Euston for our 11am train to Glasgow.

We made it to the High Commission at 9.30 and were feeling really confident that we would be in and out within the hour when the civil servant checking people in the queue informed us that they did not do visas at that office and that our closest bet was to go to Old Street (the irony being that there is also an office in Hounslow and for the last week at work we were doing SFA and could certainly have sorted this then). We rushed up to Old Street and joined the queues there but were seen fairly soon after. Disco’s small consolation was that his visa cost £70 less than mine.

We made it to Euston with time to spare, if not a little frazzled and hot. Now we have to cross our fingers and hope that Disco’s passport can be processed and sent to Langbank before he heads to Spain on Friday.

Moral of the story: know your visa requirements longer than 24 hours before your departure!


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