Allaphuza, India 

Upon leaving Varkala it had been our intention to get the ferry from Kollam to Allaphuza but unfortunately our sources were incorrect and we arrived at the ferry terminal to find that it did not run in the low season. Instead, we took the (very well) air conditioned bus to Allaphuza instead. 
There we had booked a hostel at Wind n’ Waves and managed to score a 4 bed dorm all to ourselves for 4 nights. Alleppey is also on the beach but the coastline did not live up to Varkalan standards. On our first day there we decided to walk the length of the beach for some exercise and spotted washed up on the shore not one but two dead puppies. Thinking we had reached our nadir we ploughed on through the sand, but further from the water, only to stumble upon a massive dead rat only 500m later: I was traumatised. Suffice to say we stuck to walks in the town after that and didn’t swim in the water. 

Allaphuza itself is a small nucleated town that grows outwards from a bridge that crosses the canal. The canal runs the length of the town from the beach west and is really luscious and green. Many sellers try to get you to buy a night on their houseboat, which we declined, but they look really impressive.

 We also ate meat for the first time at Mushroom, a tandoori chicken joint that was recommended on trip advisor, Adrian dubbed it his best meal of the trip so far. On the whole, the food was really good and there have been no stomach complaints yet. 

Disco’s high: tandoori chicken.
Disco’s low: dead puppies!
Footluce’s high: morning coffee overlooking the canal.


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