Fort Cochi, Kerala

On Monday we travelled from Alapphuza to Fort Cohi by bus and took our lives in our hands for the umpteenth time this trip already by standing the entire journey on a very fraught excursion. Then we rikshawed out to Beena’s home stay, a place that had been recommended to us by Disco’s parents.  

Sarah and Charlote arrived later that evening and thus ensued hyper catch ups over dinner and cards.  The food at Beena and Sudhi’s house is delicious and each night we tucked into vegetarian and seafood thali that was divine.  Ample helpings of papaya, pineapple and watermelon finished each meal. 

Despite being quite rainy and overcast in Fort Cochi we managed to explore the town. We hired bikes and helmets from a nearby cafe and set off in search of the Chinese fishing nets, Dutch palace and Jewish quarter that are famous to Fort Cochi. The Chinese fishing nets were interesting to watch, but the guide book is accurate when it says that modern fishing methods have made them less profitable because in gin entire time we watched not a fish was caught. 

While we were there Sudhi also set us up with his sister, a dentist, for a full check up and teeth clean. She gave us the thumbs up so with shiny smiles we set off in search of new glasses for Disco, only £7 each! For the bargain price of £2.5o he had a new prescription. Can’t argue with that. 

What Fort Cochi lacks in cultural appeal and things to do, Beena and Sudhi more than makeup with their kind hospitality and lovely home stay. 

Footluce’s high: cycling about town.

Footluce’s low: not being able to adopt all the stray puppies. 

Disco’s high: Beena’s home stay.

Disco’s low: the performance of the Chinese fishing nets.


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