Munnar tea plantations 

It had been our intention to go on a trek in the tea plantations but we awoke to find that today (Friday) is a national strike for the “working class” which meant that every shop, cafe and restaurant in town was shut and so was the tourist information. Therefore, we couldn’t hire a guide to take us on a hike. 

Instead we hired a rickshaw driver to take us to the favourite look out spots on the hill. We departed at 1300 and at 1700 he dropped us back at our hostel, for only £2.50 each we really felt like we had robbed him. It was quite cold and rainy all day, much like Glasgow really, so the roads were not busy and there were not many other tourists around. 

Closest thing you can get to a fosters is a bottle of water. 

Impressed by the vistas, tea plantations and dramatic skyline we would have happily called it a day at that and then…

we spotted a wild elephant! 

Certainly something we will not forget (!). 


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