Seven hills, zero elephants, Munnar, India

Today we hired a guide to trek through the tea plantations so at 1300 we set off on an undulating path up seven hills (or it may even be called seven mountains but that is, perhaps, a little generous). We wove up through the tea plantations and summitted every 30 minutes or so on anothe hill. 

The mist covered one half of the valley but it was clear on the other side leading to lots of arty shots. 

There were lots of elephant tracks and old elephant droppings so we walked quietly and were on the lookout but didn’t spot any today, much to my relief really. I didn’t fancy our chances versus an elephant, especially since our guide was equipped with a hanky and a brolly! 

These are photos of Charlotte and Disco standing in an elephant print. They are huge! 

We had been warned that there were lots of leeches, hence why I have my only pair of long socks tucked into my leggings. I got off without any but Disco suffered on his toe. 

This is the offending leech. 

Disco loved posing for this shot.

Our guide old us that the tea plants live for one hundred and thirty five years and the tea is picked twice a month for fives years, after that the tea plant is cut back and allowed to grow again. Luckily, cows and elephants don’t like the taste of the tea so the worst they do is damage the plants, they don’t eat the leaves. 

4 and a half hours later we returned to the hostel, exhausted and a bit sweaty so we have definitely earnt those curries tonight. 

Disco’s high: would say elephant, but will say views from the hike.

Disco’s low: leech.

Footluces’s high: spotting an elephant.

Footluce’s low: having a phantom leech in my shoe.


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