Goa, India 

We arrived back in Ernakulam with some time to kill before our overnight train to Goa so stopped in a nice hotel for a rooftop drink and a feed before the mega train. 

Having been on a detox we were pleased to finally taste a Kinfisher and it slipped down well. The first overnight train was a really pleasant experience which lulled us into a false sense of scrutiny for the next train.  Charlotte and Sarah were bunked together and received a rolling wave of service from the male train guards: mango juice, tea, water and regular floor cleans. Adrian and I did not receive quite such attentive service (I wonder why?) but did get to sleep for longer.  We rolled off the train relaxed and made our way to Funky Monkey hostel for some warm beach time in Anjuna. 

Most days followed a regular rhythm of breakfast, beach, swim, read, afternoon juice, exercise and dinner at Curlie’s, the beach front bar. I wish I had more to report but that’s really all we got up to. Never venturing far from the hostel or the beach.  

There were plenty of stray dogs to keep my attention and lots of waves to jump and aggravate the lifeguards again by going (Goan) in the sea. Goa has a cool- Indian, young person vibe and you get the impression that during high season it all kicks off at Curlie’s although it was pretty dead the evenings we were there. 

The sunsets were pretty, if not spectacular, still hoping for some good pictures, perhaps in Thailand? 

On the last day we forked out a whole £2 for the best head and foot massages, the massage oil was a brilliant combination of geranium, lemon juice and eucalyptus and the masseur did not hold back with some rigorous thumping and clawing on our scalps- it was divine. 

Disco’s high: head massage.

Disco’s low: watching a man in a banana hammock play racquet ball.

Footluce’s high: the tiger prawns I ate two nights in a row (not sorry).

Footluce’s low: mosquitos. 


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