How to be in a Bollywood film

When Disco and I left for India we had two ambitions:

1. Feature in a Bollywood movie

2. Be invited to and Indian wedding

Well, we can now strike number one off the list. Within a block of leaving our hotel yesterday after a very traumatic overnight train journey from Goa to Mumbai (short story: our train was 11+ hours delayed so the train guard snuck us onto an earlier train and we spent all night being dripped on by the air con (Footluce and Sarah), breaking our back sleeping on two chairs (Disco) or bunked in with an Indian family (Charlotte)) we were scouted by a ‘talent agent’ (read man looking for white people) and offered transport to and from Mumbai, food and drink and payment for starring in a club scene for Force 2, the sequel to Force 1. 

Unsure whether we wanted to spend 12 hours on a movie set we decided to give it a try because carpe diem and all that. Me and Sarah were allowed to keep our own clothes on but Charlotte had to don a brown pleather mini skirt and bubble gum pink top and Disco had to wear jeans and a shirt in 35 degree heat. 

These are fake drinks but it is also about 1 am in the above shot so we all look a bit worse for wear.

The movie stars John Abraham and Sonakashi Sinha and now Sarah Pritchett, Charlotte Tibbs and Footluceanddisco! We were made to stand at the front of a fair few scenes and dance in da club, we felt quite bad for the several, very talented, Indian dancers who were pushed to the background. There is one scene where Sarah and I get pushed out the way by the two leads searching for the villain and that was an especially sweaty 45 minutes trying to get that take right.

It was a very long day and we did not get home until 4am due to the incompetence of one taxi driver but it was certainly an interesting experience. We realised how long it takes to film a very short clip, we think that in the 12 hours we were there the segment we are in lasted 7 minutes. Also there are hundreds of people on set, all working incredibly hard. It was really good to see how it all works.

We are excited to see the finished product and will let you know if any other agents call us up for acting roles. 


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