Mumbai, India 

Having spent our first day in Mumbai on a Bollywood film set, we had a lot of making up to do on day two. We set off on foot to the Gate of India passing the famous Taj Mahal Palace hotel on the way.

After that, we hired a guide recommended to us by the hotel who drove us around the main sites in Mumbai explaining some of the history as he did so. 

This is the outside of Mahatma Gandhi’s house and was definitely the best part of the tour. There is lots of thoughtfully curated information about him, the Indian independence movement and India generally. We all were very impressed.

The topiary at the hanging garden was also really good. 

This is Dhobi Ghat, the huge open air laundry. It was fascinating to see it in action. How do they know whose clothes belong to who? 
The picture above is of Vicoria station, one of Mumbai’s train stations and a Unesco Heritage site, the building is beautiful. 

Footluce and Disco’s high: Gandhi’s house

Disco’s low: girls from Turkmenistan

Footluce’s low: general lack of sleep for 48+ hours 


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