Udaipur, India 

The overnight train from Mumbai was on time and we made it to Udaipur in the late afternoon to catch the sunset over the city. 

We stayed at Jheel’s guest house which was clean and had a cafe attached where you could sit out on the lake with a mango smoothie. It was a bargain £10 a night.

After yoga we spent a good few hours in the City Palace, wandering the many rooms and learning about the Mewar dynasty. It is the largest palace complex in Rajhastan and had some very impressive views over Lake Pichola. 

After we hired a boat that let us look at the city from the lake and sailed past the Lake Palace Hotel, famous for where Roger Moore filmed Octopussy. It did look lovely, but at c.£400 a night you can appreciate why we didn’t stay there! 

We enjoyed the sunset on the roof terrace before having to bid farewell to Sarah and Charlotte who went off to Jaipur as we continue onto Jodhpur. So sad, we will miss them lots.  

Disco’s high: sunset beer on the roof

Footluce’s high: all the pretty tiles in the City Palace

Disco’s low: yoga teacher who was not accommodating of inflexible limbs

Footluce’s low: saying goodbye to Charlotte and Sarah


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