Jaisalmer, India 

We arrived in Jaisalmer at 7am after one of the worst journeys of my life from Jodhpur by train. We had to be in 3AC class which is perfectly fine, there is no curtain separating you from the other passengers and more people share a berth, but essentially it’s the same gig as 2AC. What made this journey the worst was the elephant man (not Bradley Cooper, unfortunately) who snored ALL NIGHT LONG and then had the gall to skip out of bed first thing in the morning and trot off, completely well rested unlike me and the rest of the carriage. And that is when it started to go wrong. 

Knowing that Jaisalmer is in the heart of the Thar Desert we had booked a room in a hotel with a pool, but the pictures on booking.com flatter to deceive and the pool was a murky green- brown colour with half an inch of water in it. So far so sad. 

Known as the ‘golden city’ it’s distinguished by the yellow sandstone architecture that looks like a massive collection of sandcastles are rising from the plains.  We were staying outside the fort, inside the narrow streets are filled with vendors selling you textiles and doing the hard push for a camel safari. Oh, and a lot of cows.  

The combination of 40+ degree heat and my allergy to camels (I assume?! They are like horses with more sand and dust, right?) meant that a safari tour was not on the cards, instead we sought shade and played a lot of cards. The fort is very impressive and the several, ornate Jain temples are also aesthetically pleasing. I think had Jaisalmer come before Jodhpur and Udaipur we would have enjoyed ourselves more but heat and fatigue meant that it’s not one of our favourite destinations this trip. Despite this, the hospitality of the Jaisalmer locals was indubitable. 

Disco’s high: air conditioning.

Footluce’s high: at dinner 4 little boys came and sang, danced and played the castanets: they were as enterprising as they were adorable.

Disco’s low: empty swimming pool.

Footluce’s low: I would say the snoring but I’ve already mentioned that so I’ll go with the rats that frolicked in the street in broad day light.


One thought on “Jaisalmer, India 

  1. I imagine rats are very unpleasant, but at least you could see them, and glad that the cows kept to the main roads!
    Snoring……would you believe it, that’s unheard of at home.😴


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