Jodhpur, India 

After parting ways with Sarah and Charlotte in Udaipur we made the short-ish bus journey to Jodhpur at 5am. I slept for the entire journey but Disco was entranced by the motorway littered with an abundance of cattle, pigs, monkeys, people and vehicles. The volume of animals was not limited to the road and in the Old Town of Jodhpur itself many creatures roam the backstreets, much more so than we had experienced prior to here.  

Jodhpur, also known as ‘blue city’ or ‘sunset city’, is the second largest city in Rajastan. The Merhrangarh Fort dominates the skyline and,for those familiar with Game of Thrones, it had a King’s Landing feel about it were it not for the lack of water and Lannisters. We toured the fort and Jaswant Thada (below) and both were extremely impressive. 

We were staying in an amazing homestay called Castleview with rooftop views of the Fort. The guy, Dev, who runs the homestay warned us of a trick that the locals play on tourists. They ask you your name and where you are staying then pass this onto a friend who follows you and asks you for money. Within about 5 minutes of leaving our accommodation a guy approached Disco and asked, “where are you from and where are you staying?”, he replied, “New Zealand and Bob’s hostel”. Sure enough, about 100m later a lad approaches us and says that he knows us, we are the New Zealanders staying at Bob’s hostel and he met us last night, he is their chef and we should tip him! Haha, textbook. I admire their pluck. 

Jodhpur is painted blue to keep the houses cool on the inside from the scorching heat, that may be the case but at 38 degrees from 10am we were struggling! It does make for a very pretty view though. I have to admit that Jodhpur is, perhaps, best viewed from above. The narrow streets and volume of animals mean that the streets are littered with shit, literally and figuratively. Despite this, it was well worth a visit to Jodhpur and easy to understand why it is such a popular tourist destination even in the Thar Desert.

Disco’s high: Laal Maans: the most delicious mutton curry. Currently best meal of the trip.

Disco’s low: amount of animal shit everywhere.

Footluce’s high: audio tour of the fort, it was very dramatically narrated! 

Footluce’s low: the heat.


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