Monkey Temple, Jaipur 

To be filed under ‘wierdest things we unwittingly signed up to doing when travelling’. Yesterday, Disco and I fed monkeys. 

We were on a rickshaw tour of Jaipur and, after visiting the Water Palace, our driver told us we would go to the Monkey Palace. Naïvely, I thought this was a palace adorned with carvings of monkeys, alas no! It is home to 5000 monkeys.

After disembarking we were introduced to our guide, who was going to ‘protect us from the monkeys’, and paid him. He pointed to the scar on my nose and asked what happened, I told him and he showed me the fresh gash on his forehead and explained that a monkey did that to him. That, coupled with the fact that we had to buy peanuts to feed the monkeys, meant that my anxiety was peaking. The monkeys go ape for the nuts.

They have it sorted because the tourists just keep on gibbon. 

Our guide was keen that a monkey sat on one of our shoulders, Disco bravely volunteered. 

At the top of the hill our guide offered to take our photo and a monkey that was hanging around came to join us. Rather sweet really, so much so that we did not ask for our silverback! 


4 thoughts on “Monkey Temple, Jaipur 

  1. Sounds like an unlikely high point, especially with peanuts involved .
    So glad I heard about this adventure after it all went safely.
    Epipen still safely unused💉


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