Pokhara, Nepal 

Before beginning Annapurna Base Camp we spent an evening in Pokhara and two days at the end of our trek there too. 

It is a really sweet town that serves as a hub for the start of the Annapurna treks and has a large lake that dominates the town. 

It’s really hard to take photos on kayaks! We had an incredibly frustrating experience kayaking the lake as we could not get it to go in the direction we wanted. I know that sounds ridiculous but Disco and I fancy ourselves as quite competent with a paddle and we could not get it to do what we wanted, it went left or right or in a circle but it would not go straight. After a while we gave up and sun baked. 

On our way back to Kathmandu we decided to have another go at rafting having enjoyed it so much in the Ganges. This time we were joined only by two others- a Chinese couple from Chendu. We were feeling much more confident this time round and the river appeared calmer. Within ten minutes of starting we reached a point where you can cliff jump, there was no one else doing it and it was much higher than in India so we weren’t sure, we asked the guide to go first and he did so we happily went in after, and that was the first time we got in the water. We swam down the river for a bit enjoying the current bobbing us along nicely then boarded the raft for the rapids. It was really fun and not so hard until we watched the raft in front completely flip and a family of Germans were launched into the water. I noted that I was glad we had not done that and spoke way too soon because at the next rapid the instructor yelled “get down!” and we all had to crouch inside the raft but the rapid got the better of us and we all landed in the water. Rattled but smiling we were all back in the boat and happy and this happened again! This time, I was the only person who left the raft with Disco, our guides and the Chinese couple all managing to hold on- I was soaked! There are a few blurry photos on Instagram because I didn’t want to risk the camera on the raft, this turns out to be an excellent call! 

The journey home was on a local bus crammed with triple the amount of people it could actually legally hold. Disco was perched on the edge of the engine and I was crammed into a sort of seat up front beside the driver, it was something! 

Footluce and Disco’s high: post trek steak

Footluce and Disco’s low: the bus


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