CIMB Classic, Malaysia

Excitingly, our hosts in KL, Nikki and Adam, had managed to secure us tickets to the final two days of the CIMB Classic the weekend we arrived in Malaysia. Nikki’s pregnancy and the threat of Zika meant that she could not walk the course on Saturday so instead me, Disco and Adam put on our walking shoes and followed the course leaders for the first hour and a half.

We followed Scotsman, Russel Knox, Marc Leishman who appreciated the Aussie chants, fan favourite Sergio Garcia and the eventual winner, Justin Thomas. I was not his biggest fan, he spat on the course which I thought was uncouth and was behaving petulantly which, at 22 years old, is maybe not unexpected.  

On day 2 things became even better because Nikki and Adam’s friend and colleague managed to get us into the hospitality tent meaning that we could enjoy free drinks and food and Nikki could sit on a chair semi- indoors with a fan- perfect! 

We had a spot overlooking the 18th green and manage to watch all the finishers come in and Justin Thomas receive his trophy. He was presented it by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, who was booed by the mostly Chinese onlookers because he has recently been embroiled in an embezzling scandal and is a controversial figure. 

Footluce’s high: close up time in the rough with Sergio.

Footluce’s low: Russel Knox’s fall from third place.

Disco’s high: free beer and prime spot to watch Marc on the green.

Disco’s low: JT winning. 


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