Kathmandu, Nepal 

Disco and I have been on a blogging hiatus owing to catching up with friends in Malaysia (more on that later) and no wifi in the jungle so we have some catching up to do. Apologies if these posts don’t make sense. 

Our first experience of Kathmandu was pre- Annapurna trek and we had a day to sort our permits, buy all our hiking equipment, pack and watch the AFL grand final (Disco and I disagreed somewhat on the order of this). Owing to our own stupidity we made two trips to the tourism office to secure our trekking permits and, on these walks alone, I was well and truly “over” Kathmandu. This day coincided with a national holiday and the city was even more rammed than normal. I did not take my camera out because the dust was unbelievable and I was worried about it getting in the lens but try to imagine a river of people with no coherent flow moving in all directions in and around traffic. It makes sense that there are massive foot bridges traversing the road for the people to cross over the heavy traffic. 

Post Annapurna we had a calmer and more pleasurable experience of Kathmandu. It’s still mental mind you. Though when you read that it is home to more than half the population of Nepal it makes sense. My school friend Jill lived there for a while and her and Adrian’s mum had given us a comprehensive list of attractions and restaurants to try. We were kept busy. 

Kathmandu is full of funny little shops. 😉

The city is full of sobering reminders of the earthquake that struck in 2015. Pre earthquake Kathmandu valley  had 130 UNESCO world heritage sites and, while the city has done a good job of restoring a lot of the city, a guy we were speaking to spoke of the devastation in the villages further out and the corruption of the Government in their ‘efforts’ to repair these places. 

Amidst the daily hustle bustle of Kathmandu the serene and tranquil Garden of Dreams appears out of nowhere. We found it to be the best place to calm the senses while enjoying the European style architecture of the garden and the fresh air. There was a huge number of squirrels running about though and my aversion to rodents meant that it was probably a calmer experience for Disco than me. 

Ultimately, Kathmandu was a very interesting and exciting city to visit. My memory has not served me well meaning that this post is a little sparse, but suffice to say that it is a frenetic and fun place and a good city to bookend a trek in Nepal. 

Footluce’s high: exploring Freak Street and its surrounds.

Footluce’s low: squirrels running across my feet in the Garden of Dreams.

Disco’s high: the peace and quiet in the Garden of Dreams.

Disco’s low: the least comfortable mattresses ever in the hostel and the dust.


2 thoughts on “Kathmandu, Nepal 

  1. hi, where did you watch the grand final? i will also be there this september so your input would be most appreciated.


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