A Malaysian cooking class. 

In anticipation of my birthday in January the super efficient and incredibly generous Nikki Macleod bought a cooking class for me and Disco to attend when we were in Malaysia. It was brilliant, the food was delicious and I learnt to make three things that I’d never heard of before and would definitely make again. 

The morning started bright and early at the wet market, we travelled around the stalls with our teacher who talked us through all the local vegetables and fruits and taught us about the foods that were typical in Malaysian cuisine. Then we travelled out into the jungle to the cook school with our fresh ingredients to start preparing our three course lunch. The cook school we were at was called Lazat and it was excellent: all the teachers were so friendly. Nikki and Adam and their sister and brother in law have all also cooked there and loved all the dishes they made.  This is their website: http://www.malaysia-klcookingclass.com/

Our meal was ‘Malay Classic’ and we made:

Kueh Cara Berlauk/Savoury Meat Filled Cups

Sambal Tumis Udang/Prawn in Sambal Sauce

Nasi Lemak/Rice in Coconut Milk

Sago pudding with palm sugar

These are the finished meat filled cups. They were spicy and yummy beef muffins, essentially, perfect as appetisers for a cocktail party, so said our teacher.

This is me desperately trying not to burn the rice: rice has never been my forte. My old housemates and our microwave can testify to that. It was so hot because the kitchen is an open plan balcony, hence why I am wearing a wet towel. 

Disco’s pretty pleased with his efforts.
My finished Nasi Lamak with prawn sambal, plated and ready to eat. Disco’s main doesn’t look as pretty as mine but it was just as tasty. 

At the end of the morning we all sat down to devour our delicious meal and thankfully there was spare to take home for leftovers. It was a brilliant morning and we will definitely be seeking an Asian market in Brisbane to recreate the dishes. Thank you Adam and Nikki, you spoilt us.  


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