Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Adam and Nikki were kind enough to host us in their incredible home in KL for more than a week. It was a pleasant respite from life on the road and we’re grateful for their hospitality, air conditioning, washing machine, access to a gym and pool and non-stop sport on tv. We still managed to see some of the KL highlights. 

This is the massive Buddha outside Batu Caves, not quite as traumatic as Graham and Laura’s experience of the Taj Mahal covered in scaffolding! 

This is inside Batu Caves which are limestone Caves that are one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India.  Disco and I also toured inside the Caves where there is a massive bat population. That was interesting, if scary, but obviously all the photos are pitch black! 

We climbed KL tower to get a better view of the city and the Petronius towers. Our timing was spot on because within ten minutes of reaching the 421m height the rain started and we could not see anything. Those afternoon downpours are really dramatic in Malaysia! 

We went to the local night market one evening and bought some Malaysian delicacies for dinner, Malaysian food was such an unexpected hit for us (separate post on this later).

The KL city gallery was a bargainous 5 ringgit and that could be refunded in the cafe for a coffee or a donut. They have a fun model of Kuala Lumpur and a projection of what it will look like in 30 years time. 

What we don’t have photos of are all the delicious meals, card games, happy hours, batting cages and pool parties that we enjoyed with Nikki and Adam. It was epic and we will be back. 

Footluce and Disco’s high: quality time with the Simcleods pre baby Simcleod’s arrival.

Footluce and Disco’s low: an unfortunate mess up on my part resulting in an hour and 40 minute cab ride to Putrajaya’s botanical gardens rather than Kuala Lumpur’s. Oops. 


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