We drove for a few hours deeper into the jungle from our treehouse location to spend an evening on the edge of the river. The guesthouse was a massive lodge built on stilts with wooden walkways weaving through the trees: it was cool and had lots of free tea. 

There was lots of excitement on our first river cruise of the day because yesterday a herd of elephants had been spotted. We zipped up the river at pace hoping to spot them and sure enough, as we turned a corner, there they were in all the their grey glory! 

There was lots of bird spotting happening, people became very excited when we saw this fly. Unfortunately, we have forgotten what it was. Maybe a heron? Dad? 

There were lots of proboscis monkeys frolicking in the trees, sadly these photos are blurry because I was zoomed in and it was also very rainy. 

This is a hornbill, this one we do remember! 

In Borneo when it starts to rain it’s not kidding around. We were on a boat that had a tarpaulin roof so we were more dry than the poor folks in canoes but still really wet. There was an elephant playing in the water but you’ll just have to believe me. I should also mention that the elephants are Pygmy elephants: a tiny morph of the African forest elephant. They were still big though and doing some damage to the reeds they were trampling through. 

In the morning we did another sunrise cruise and Disco spotted a wild orangutan which was massive, we were savouring the moment on that one too and I didn’t have time to grab a photo so you’ll just have to take my word for it! 

Back in KK we headed to the night market which was a dreamy experience, those chicken skewers that Disco is eating were about 10p and that mango juice was the best of my life and cost about 40p! 

We could have stayed at the markets longer but we had spotted a masseur on the pier who was offering foot massages for cheap cheap. Post Kinabalu we were still struggling so took full advantage. They were even playing a movie projected onto the canopy overhead so you could lie back, relax and enjoy the film. 

Disco’s high: spotting the wild orangutan 

Footluce’s high: elephants playing in the river

Disco’s low: not seeing a crocodile

Footluce’s low: mosquitos everywhere 


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