A Thai wedding.

Regular readers of the blog may remember that Disco and I were very keen to be invited to an Indian wedding but that didn’t happen. Recently though, on our fitness break in Phuket, the family that ran our hotel were celebrating the wedding of their daughter and invited us to come along too.  ​

The wedding began at 7am and involved lots of offerings made on behalf of the groom’s family to the bride’s family. These photos were taken outside the hotel with the guests circling the pool while music played and chanting lots. ​

The groom then had to pass through lots of garland of flowers that the guests held up. At each ​garland he would have to perform a trick or answer a question and then he would hand out envelopes of money to the guests. This process takes a good long while and at the same time the bride was just hanging out in her room. Finally, Grandma came upstairs and told everyone to hurry up- she was hilarious and the entire time we stayed at the hotel would regularly speak (shout) at me and Disco in fluent Thai regardless of our lack of understanding- and we were all able to go downstairs and enjoy a breakfast feast. Congratulations Bo and Ake.


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