Siem Reap, Cambodia 

A city (town really) with a Street called “Pub Street” was going to be right up our alley (!). 

Nikki and Adam recommended lots of great restaurants in Siem Reap especially a restaurant that was exclusively run by underprivileged Cambodian youths. It was delicious and the food certainly had a French feel to it. If you’re heading to Cambodia I can tell you the name of it. 

The overwhelming commentary about Siem Reap was how cheap the entire place was. Foot massages lasting half an hour are $1 and they are everywhere. Food was dirt cheap and delicious and, unlike other places we have been in Asia, the beer was cheap cheap. As such, we had to sample a few. The street food scene was epic; Disco was partial to meat on skewers and I liked the BBQ sweet corn. There was also a huge selection of seafood and sushi but I was dubious about the health and safety standards in the 30 degree heat so gave that one a swerve. 

Disco’s high: 50c beers

Footluce’s high: looking at the dragon boats (didn’t manage a photo of them, sorry) 

Disco’s low: missing the local festival by one day 

Footluce’s low: still regret not getting one of these cheap foot massages, idiot


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