Ko Tao, Thailand 

Think of Thailand and beautiful, tropical beaches probably spring to mind. Sun, sea, sand and blue skies. Well I can confirm, from a week’s worth of experience, that it also rains in Thailand and when it rains, it rains hard. 

There is also not a lot to do in Thailand when you are stuck indoors owing to monsoon conditions. We read. A lot. And we caught up on series 1 of Homeland, I know, I know, so 2011, but hey. Still ploughing through season 2. 

The party atmosphere somewhat lacked in the soggy climes but we tried to make the most of it and sampled a few Changs, no full moon parties,unfortunately. 

This photo sums up our experience of tropical paradise so we will just have to return another day and have a second go at Thailand. 

Disco’s high:£1 tall beers and £1.20 curries

Disco’s low: endless rain

Footluce’s high: flame throwers on the beach

Footluce’s low: potential threat of trench foot


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