Phuket, Thailand 

We visited Phuket because we  I had read online about a boot camp that was for holiday goers wanting to get fit or people who wanted to overhaul their lifestyle. While Disco and I probably fit into the latter category we chose to spend two weeks at Unit 27 to try to get in better shape for coming to Brisbane. we bought two week’s worth of classes and tended to exercise twice a day. The unit also has a separate Crossfit centre and we did a few classes there but preferred the busier classes at their main gym. With names like ‘Abscene’ and ‘Grenade’ they were really hard. 

Medicine balls and kettle bells featured highly in most classes. 

Some people like to casually headstand between workouts, we were not those people. 

Disco thought that he should get an extra prize for having to work out with the weight of his hair and beard! 

We did ‘Morning Glory’ every morning. We were surprised we did not die. I’m serious,by the end of the warm up we were ready to keel over. 

This nice Irish lady was our trainer a lot of the time. 

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the entire two weeks was meeting Baggs and Kelly in a neighbouring town to celebrate the end of our fortnight of fitness. 

Disco’s high: feeling much fitter after two weeks 

Footluce’s high: the feeling at the end of every class

Disco’s low: waking up after day 1 unable to move 

Footluce’s low: looking around in a class and not spotting one individual who I was on a par with (not in a good way)


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