Winter vacays with the Grays



I’ve decided to dust off the old blog and share some photos of my parents’ holiday to sunny Queensland. The Grays arrived in late June in time for our school “winter” holidays. With temperatures remaining in the mid twenties throughout it’s really a stretch to call it cold, but according to many Brisbaners we are freezing here.

We spent the first week in hipster paradise, Byron Bay, and Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. That was mega. $1 oyster happy hour was a special treat. We had such a fun time I did not take many photos with the real camera so you’ll just have to trust it was good.


The following week we journeyed North to Fraser Island which lives up to all the hype that we had heard about it in the weeks leading up to our trip. The largest sand island in the world this place is so beautiful and, to add to the magic, this coincided with the annual whale migration from Antarctica to warmer climes to breed and give birth. There were so many whales! In addition to this, we also spotted a shark and stingray. Fraser Island also has the only population of dingoes that have not been cross bred with domestic dogs, but these days there are not many of them and they are hard to spot. Lucky for us though, as the bus pulled up to our ferry for the journey home a dingo was sitting enjoying the sunset and we could have a good look. We felt really lucky. The sunsets were also off the chart incredible, like many of the sunsets here.



On day two of our tour we were offered the chance to get on a small sea plane to look at the island from an aerial view. This is not my idea of a good time, but not wanting to be left out I too boarded the flying tin can. A great opportunity to see the sheer enormity of the whales. The pilot was pretty dishy too. DSCF5182DSCF5163



After Fraser Island we travelled to the Gold Coast hinterland and stayed in an epic air bnb where the owner’s garden was worthy of national trust status. DSCF5291DSCF5133Good food, especially cheese, and delicious coffee were certainly a feature of the entire trip and Disco and I probably managed to convince the folks to visit again: success!

DSCF5303Returning to Brisbane the weather Gods helped Mum and Dad to reacclimatise to the West coast of Scotland by raining for pretty much the entire day.

Disco’s high: Fraser Island (he won’t be more specific than that).

Disco’s low: The feeling after overdoing it at the buffet at Kingfisher Resort on Fraser.

Footluce’s high: QT with the parents.

Footluce’s low: Saying goodbye.





One thought on “Winter vacays with the Grays

  1. Marvellous trip, and my highlight was Fraser Island and my low was the lack of visible kangaroos!
    I thought they would be hopping about in every reserve.
    Will definitely be returning, but with warmer clothes!


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